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Founded in 2003 as a specialty finance company, Residential Mortgage Solution (RMS) has acquired more than $1.3 billion UPB of troubled residential mortgage assets, including both first and second lien mortgages and REO properties.

In an effort to improve its own portfolio performance, RMS, and its affiliate RAM, engineered a highly effective servicer surveillance and oversight solution powered by a revolutionary web-based search and analysis engine called Mortgage Market Management (“M3”). This combination of talent and technology was developed specifically for asset level surveillance of sub and non-performing residential mortgage loans and REO Asset Management. RMS’ loan servicer surveillance process and its REO Asset Management have resulted in reduced loss severity results for its owned portfolio that are almost 50% better than the subprime ABX index (30% for RMS vs. 55% for ABX).

RMS now offers its proprietary servicer surveillance and oversight solution to mortgage institutions whose servicing operations and 3rd party servicers may benefit from a higher degree of surveillance, oversight and proactivity. RMS’ experienced advisors and innovative technology deliver value-added loan servicer surveillance and REO Asset Management. RMS monitors and manages all aspects of the loss mitigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy and REO liquidation process with loan-level monitoring and decisioning utilizing a “Servicing Arbitrage” approach to mitigate loss and maximize returns on investment.

M3 provides a robust data warehouse platform utilizing loan-level servicer data which automates the process of identifying loans or REOs that have collection, loss mitigation or disposition issues, allowing for timely, effective and meaningful resolution.  Not only does M3 track and warehouse all relevant data, it anticipates the data needed for any given specific task and presents the key information required for accelerated decision making. M3 automates the entire process through a single, transparent, on-command data system. This cost effective solution creates substantial savings and reduces loss severity on non-paying loans by 5-15%. It is simply the industry’s most versatile and comprehensive solution for managing residential real estate loans and REO properties.
>> A specialty finance  company with more than $1.3 billion of